Internship experience at LexpertEase

12 months ago

Internship Experience at LexpertEase
A thirteen week long internship at LexpertEase was an experience of a life time for an introvert like me! My name is Aayush Khanal I completed my bachelors degree in 2019 from National Law College. As an undergraduate law student of B.A.LL.B, it was mandatory to have an internship experience for practical understanding of work culture in legal field. But as a novice in an office environment, I found first few days very hectic. I even thought of leaving the internship programme. But luckily I was not the only one to join the internship. My friends boosted me a lot which helped me continue my days at LexpertEase. Later, this became my best decision. As days passed by, I got used to the environment. The kind, friendly and helpful fellow interns and superiors/seniors made my learning experience fun. As I recall now, among the five years of Law College, the internship days in my final years, are the ones I value most.
LexpertEase is a corporate law firm based in Annamnagar, Kathmandu. The professionally dedicated lawyers at the firm provide legal services such as advising clients and representing them in civil and business transactions in the area of corporate law, taxation and finance.
My decision to take internship at this law firm stemmed from suggestion of my fellow academic intern. So, there was not much formalities attached, as I was introduced to Mr. Kailash Panday on my first day, Kailash Dai as we address him is a partner and founder of the firm along with Mr. Nava Raj Thapaliya. The first week of my intern included basic works such as submitting the company compliance in company registrar office, helping with photocopy and stamps for my superiors and critical reading and finding related statute and legal provisions. Later I was assigned works such as online registration of company, preparing power of attorney, and company compliance such as Annual General Meeting(AGM). The main assignment I enjoyed was registration of private firm in the department of commerce and supply management.
Within a short period of time I learned many new things that were totally new to me which helped me in personal growth. Few weeks into the work I was treated and accepted like a regular co-worker of the law firm and also got paid for my work.
The most memorable part about the internship was trip to Pokhara. Being an intern I was lucky enough to be part of it. It was recreational break and team building sort of trip. And I must say I enjoyed it a lot.
One of my important discoveries during the internship was that, we can learn plenty of things and gain abundant experience by simply doing it- no matter you know it or not. Being a “novice” is not a problem but not “starting is”! Just like Nike says- JUST DO IT.
Everything at intern was a first experience for me completely new. I could have given up at the start and resorted to my introvert self. But like I said earlier, continuing despite the challenges was one of the best decisions I have made. It surely boosted my confidence and I am very great full to my supervisor Kailash Panday and all other LexpertEase members who helped me in my entire internship period. Three month experience and memories at LexpertEase will remain with me throughout my life. This internship provided me a real world experience to explore and gain the relevant knowledge and skill required to enter legal field.
My suggestion to every law student is that you should enroll in internship as early as possible in your final years. There is much to learn professionally and personally apart from course studies.

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