Assessment of Internship Experiences.

12 months ago

My name is Anjana Shahi at the way from dallu, KTM. I am a student of Public Youth Campus completing MBS fourth semester. My educational aspiration consists of a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies which was complete in 2017 at Whitefield International College that would assist pursue a banking career. I think pursuing such a career will provide me an opportunity to learn about various needs.
After studying numerous theoretical concepts during various coursework of my BBS program at majoring in Finance, I choose Bank of Kathmandu which located at Anamnagar, for my internship program where I worked there as KYC updater which is completely related to the communication with the public or customers. Bank of Kathmandu Limited has become a notable name in the Nepalese banking scenario today with high ranking performance. The main statement of Bank of Kathamndu is to offer financial service and become the “Bank of Choice” by dedicating the growth on the institution.
My major task is to provide all detailed information about dormant accounts to the customer through the telephonic system. A dormant account is an account that has no financial activity for a long period of time except posting for interest. Accounts that can become dormant include checking and savings accounts, brokerage accounts, pension fund accounts, and other accounts for financial resources. The Department where I worked was known as the Customer service Department and my supervisor was Goma Khadka. In the customer service department, I observed these things.
– How to deal with customers.
– How to work under pressure in a hard time.
– How to manage the office.
– My communication skills were improved.
I was also transferred from anamnagar to newroad branch where I deal with many customers and employees which was a great experience to learn. Most of the customers came there to know what facilities they get after KYC update and sometimes many customers came to take service against their account.
My duration of internships was for three months from 7th May 2018 to 7th August 2018. I had applied for an internship at Bank of Kathmandu from Askme Management which is the popular job placement over the Kathmandu. It was a contract wise.
At first, when I met my Branch Manager, I felt she is a very punctual person in the branch. She was always busy with her work. All employers are very friendly and cooperative. Both Supervisor and Branch Manager very much caring for their intern employees. They always groom the intern’s responsibility. All the coworkers are very helpful as they tried to give me work and trained me up how to do that job. Every week I used to work in a different department and build up my skills. But as based on an internship, My main assignment was to inform the customer in detail about KYC update and follow up with them which was a little bit difficult to convince the customer as they were unaware of it on the other hands, There was also a good part like; we have a group of the member to work in KYC update which creates unity and makes the work interesting, the working condition was also good that we can able to do work without any hesitation and stress and the way they treat to intern was adorable and comfortable.
As a part of my internship program, I got the chance to work at this bank for a period of three months with the paid intern as I wanted to extend the time but it was not possible. We had a creative moment at that time. We celebrated the birthday events with the supervisor and coworkers. We went outside for creating different memories with all coworkers. Sometimes we used to sing songs and enjoy each other’s company instead of working when all the supervisors had to go for a meeting in another branch.
Thus, the internship gives insight into the organization in improving interpersonal and communication skills. It provides platforms for gaining confidence and maintaining public relations skills and is an excellent means for gaining work experience.


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