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Tax Talk is a one stop destination that equips tax practitioners and tax enthusiasts on
a real-time basis with updates and analysis of various tax matters and issues. It aims to foster free, open, and informed discussion about tax.

Our goal is to make taxation simple and relevant to people who pay taxes but have no idea as to how it works.

You may create your profile, share tax insights, ask tax related queries, discuss various tax matters, create your own group as per your interest and be a vast network of tax professionals and enthusiasts.

This is equally relevant for experts in the field of taxation like chartered accountants, lawyers, students, aspirants, enthusiasts, professionals, expats and generally everyone who wants to understand and discuss tax.

We believe in today’s age information and knowledge should always remain free and hence we seek to be a platform that provides all the resources and knowledge available free of cost. Join us, increase your tax awareness, share your expertise and grow your tax practice and be a part of this movement to make tax relevant and simple for everyone.

We are on a mission to transform Nepal into a tax aware nation!

आउनु होस्, करका कुरा गरौँ र आफ्ना कर सम्बन्धि ज्ञानलाई बढाऔ । करसँग डर होईन भर गरौं, करको चर्चा घर घर सम्म पुर्याउँ ।